Are These The Top Tech Stocks To Watch In 2020?

Tech stocks have been quite fascinating to watch as the market progresses in 2020. There are lots of tech stocks that were unfamiliar to investors who are now in the limelight. Top tech stocks that are related to digital established companies are rising greater than ever. Digitalizing everything was going on a lot within our society for the past few decades. At this point, things are progressing increasingly every year that goes by.

This usually means there is plenty of brand new tech stocks to watch each year. This pandemic has long the increase of digital services by a whole lot. People aren’t going out very much so they are using all kinds of digital services. This may include video games, e-commerce, educational services, and much more. Some people are relying on those things during the days of the pandemic.

Since things are always evolving from the tech industry, it can be hard to know which tech stocks to watch. It is important to conduct proper research when seeking to invest in tech stocks. Not many tech stocks have risen from the current market, but nevertheless many have managed to. As an instance, Apple has attained new heights at its stock price. With that advice being said, let’s take a look at two tech stocks that have been trending on the market.

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Top Tech Stocks To See 2020: Nintendo

The first tech stock to keep your eye is Nintendo Co. Ltd. (NTDOY Stock Report). This movie game and electronics business is now world renown. Founded in 1889, the business has grown to become one of the very valuable Japanese businesses. Nintendo is famed for creating consoles like the Wii, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and most recently the Nintendo Switch. Some of the matches in its own catalog include Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon. One of Nintendo’s Biggest subsidiaries is The Pokemon Company.

Nintendo’s revenue in 2020 is nearly $12.4 billion USD. On August 6th fiscal reports were published from Nintendo. Analysts had predicted that the number would be roughly $672 million. The massive increase in its sales for its Nintendo Switch and its new game has been quite apparent in Nintendo’s stock price as well.

When the pandemic started, NTDOY stock was at $45 a share on average. But since then, NTDOY stock has been able to grow up in the marketplace. On July 31st NTDOY stock price reached $54 a share normally. But as of August 6th, NTDOY stock is currently at $61.80 a talk on average due to the recent reports which were released from Nintendo. That’s exactly why NTDOY stock is a prospective tech stock to purchase.

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Top Tech Stocks To See 2020:

The following tech stock to watch is Ltd. (WIX Stock Report) due to its latest motion on the market. is a software business that is based in Israel. Wix allows people to create sites by using drag and drop programs in an attempt to make things simpler. People can add things to their websites like e-commerce, marketing, forums, and much more by using Wix’s apps. In 2019, Wix earned $1 billion in earnings.

Wix released second-quarter results lately that were originally confused. In Q2 Wix increased its registered users by 64%. Wix also raised its revenue by 27 percent year-to-year, placing it at $236.1 million USD. Currently, July’s results are showing that growth will continue strong in 2020. This report was initially misunderstood making shares of WIX stock fall from $308 a share to $273 a share on average. But after things were clarified stocks of WIX stock climbed back up to the $308 a share cost.

Bottom Line

It is evident that lots of tech stocks have the capability to rise in the current market. The digital service-related tech stocks have been rising for a little while. This pandemic just encouraged them even further up. That is exactly why NTDOY stock and WIX stock are two possible tech stocks to purchase at the beginning of August.

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