Market Success and Guidehouse Insights and AutoGrid Paper Outlines Ten Steps Toward VPP Scalability

Guidehouse writes”while VPPs have been believed an experiment that a decade ago, the technology has emerged as a vital chance for Implementing DER assets to stack persuasive use cases in key markets around the world. Leading software providers can now stand up commercially viable platforms which have become a necessity in areas of the planet undergoing huge growth in DER, accelerating a dynamic vision for the future of infrastructure”

“Since the VPP market matures beyond pilot programs and R&D experiments,” the newspaper claims”scalability is the vital element for market success.” All these 10 steps needed to provide a scalable VPP alternative are summarized:

Automated Onboarding of Broadest Asset Types

Remote Tracking and Situational Awareness

AI Techniques for Continuous Learning and Forecasts

Optimized Dispatch and Controls for Precise Shipping

Software Is the Heart of Any VPP

Modular Architectures for Plug-and-Play VPPs

Cybersecurity Is Paramount

Platform First Approach Offers Economies of Scale

Scalability Is Paramount

Business Models that Empower Aggregation

“The climbing up of VPPs is critical since growth in DER expands worldwide,” explained Peter Asmus, a research director at Guidehouse Insights. “The ten steps outlined in this white paper represent classes learned by AutoGrid, but that are of deep value across the entire VPP ecosystem of solution providers.”

“Guidehouse has supplied valuable information for hastening the Energy Cloud transformation, also AutoGrid was glad to have the ability to participate in the creation of the newspaper,” said Rahul Kar, General Manager of New Energy for AutoGrid. “The data shared puts the sector as a whole in a much better position to benefit from the huge proliferation of energy and VPPs occurring across the world.”

To learn more about the process of scaling up VPPs for new energy solutions and to get the complete Guidehouse Insights newspaper, “Opening the Door to New VPP Opportunities,” trip: visit:

Around AutoGrid:

AutoGrid builds business software that enables a smarter distributed energy world. The organization’s suite of flexibility management applications allows utilities, power retailers, renewable energy project developers, and energy service providers to provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy by managing networked distributed energy sources (DERs) instantly, at scale via different value flows. AutoGrid has contracted over 5,000 megawatts of DERs and operates with more than 50 leading energy businesses across the world, such as Schneider Electric, CLP, Shell, CPS Energy, Genres, and Total.

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