Zenith Labs’ Hearing X3 Supplement Reviews – Is it Really Effective?

What is Hearing X3?

Hearing X3, a dietary supplement, saves you from experiencing problems with your hearing. It can prevent age related problems like having trouble listening to what people are telling you, finding it hard to hear different sounds and music around you and having difficulty in daily routine that requires hearing.

It is a proven fact that hearing impairment can happen gradually as a person age but with Hearing X3 you are able to save yourself from experiencing those hardship struggles.

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The supplement prevents any age-related factors that may affect your hearing. The product works by protecting the blood vessels, protecting your inner and outer ear and overall, supporting your ear health.

The product was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton from Zenith Labs. The product is non-GMO safe and there are no harmful additives, stimulants or chemicals that were added upon developing and manufacturing the product.

Since Hearing X3 is a dietary supplement, it should be taken regularly and the effects of the product do not happen overnight.

These effects are, removing the toxins that has built up in your ears , improving the blood flow in your ears to help it function better and to help receive signals from the brain , Hearing X3 can also support your cardiovascular health Which means the products effect does not mainly focus on the ear but has other effects as well that can be beneficial for the rest of the body.

What are the ingredients used in Hearing X3?

The ingredients used in Hearing X3 are all pure and organic which is from the high quality produce to make sure there are no pesticides or other chemicals that are contaminating it.

The formula used in the supplement ensures safety and effectiveness. There are numerous studies to back up each ingredient added. Potency of the formula is also made sure that it can be fast effecting and since it’s made by organic ingredients, it is also easily absorbed in the body.

There are a lot of ingredients used in Hearing X3 dietary supplement but there are 6 main ingredients that make the unique blend of the supplement powerful. These are resveratrol, folate, Vitamin C, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba and NAS.

Resveratrol – is the key ingredient to this formula because it helps greatly in preventing any damages in your cochlea. It also lowers the protein COX-2 which causes inflammation that prevents you from hearing well. Another bonus effect of this star ingredient is supporting your cardiovascular health.

Folate – prevents you from experiencing hearing fatigue and increases the alertness and sensitivity of your ear so that you can hear short sounds and easily sends signals to the brain to identify what it was.

Vitamin C – is a very good ingredient for boosting your immune system, it also works as a shield for your body for all the foreign substances that enter your ear. Overall, Vitamin C lowers the chances of you experiencing any hearing impairment, especially on the age related factors.

Gotu Kola – is rich in antioxidants that can help clean and detoxify the body. Gotu Kola is also known to help prevent cells from dying because of the lack of oxygen in your body.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine or NAS – contains a rich amount of anti-inflammatory properties and repairs the cells for any oxidative damages.

Gingko Biloba – also works similarly with NAS, it helps repair the oxidative damages in your brain cells and also shields the tissues in your ear from any damage.

There are other ingredients added in the supplement’s formula to protect your inner and outer ear, support its health and some ingredients are also added to actively amplify or boost the nutrients of other ingredients.

These ingredients are namely Chrysanthemum A, COQ10, Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Astragalus and more to mention.

It’s a perfectly blended formula with all of the ingredients added together in right amounts. It is fast-effecting and potent. The product is non-GMO safe and is enclosed in an easy to swallow capsule.

Recommended Dose of Hearing X3

To receive the maximum benefits the Hearing X3 by Zenith Labs offers, take 2 capsules a day with at least a glass of water to increase the digestion and distribution of nutrients all throughout the body. One bottle of Hearing X3 is good for 30 days of intake.

Hearing X3 is advised to consult your physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have medical conditions or taking prescribed medications first before taking the product.

You can bring a bottle of Hearing X3 to let your doctor read the ingredients, nutrients and other information he or she needs to approve you from taking the product.

Hearing X3 is made in the USA. Zenith Labs, the manufacturer of Hearing X3, is a FDA approved facility and GMP certified.

The product is made in a sterile lab that is clean. Ingredients, technologies and machineries used in making the product is safe and clean. There are zero side effects and no harmful effects that can emerge from long term use of Hearing X3.

To store your product safely, it is best to avoid water prone areas that can get the capsules inside the bottle wet and also avoid an area where direct sunlight or heat is on the bottle.

This is to avoid any damages in the capsules and make it safe to take. If there are problems with the bottles when you received it, like damages or any signs of tampering during shipment, it’s best to contact Hearing X3 immediately.

Advantages of using Hearing X3

Listening to what people are saying, listening to the radio or TV can be challenging when your hearing quality deteriorates.

Studies have proven that age related factors can speed up your hearing impairment but fortunately, studies have also proven that you can save your hearing quality especially when you are able to treat it at an earlier stage.

This is where Hearing X3 comes in as a saving dietary supplement that will help answer all your hearing problems.

  • Repairs and protects your ear and brain from oxidative damages
  • Supports the inner and outer ear health
  • Improves the blood circulation in your ear and brain to be able to send and receive signals quickly.
  • Keeps you alert and prevents you from experiencing hearing fatigue
  • Repairs the hair cells so that you are more sensitive and easily hear the sounds around you
  • Slows down or prevent any age related factors that can lead to hearing impairment
  • Be able to listen and hear immediately and identify what is making that sound
  • Supports your cardiovascular health

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How much does Hearing X3 cost?

As an investment product for your health, this product is affordable and can fit into a monthly’s budget. Zenith Labs would also like to help the people by giving a lot of discounts especially when you buy more bottles.

It is wise to hurry and get this deal because it’s surely something you don’t want to miss. Hearing X3 is offered in three price packages, 1, 3 and 6 bottles.

Basic Package – 1 bottle – $49

Standard Package – 3 bottles – $39 each bottle

Premium Package – 6 bottles – $33 each bottle

There is an additional of $19.95 for shipping fee for both basic and standard package but for the premium package, Zenith Labs gives you free shipping of your purchase.

Hearing X3 is not available offline and there are no physical stores selling it. So it get a hold of Hearing X3 dietary supplement, you will need to go visit their official website and purchase from there. Don’t worry, the website is secured, protected and safe for transactions.


Hearing impairment, when untreated can eventually lead to deafness may it be mild or totally deaf.

This can be avoidable when you know the right dietary supplement to trust. What sets this product apart from the rest of the competition is the zero side effects it offers. It is 100% safe to take and you don’t have to worry about hidden negative effects in the supplement.

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